Preoperative orthodontic treatment is the longest stage of the treatment and takes from 9 to 18 months to complete. Braces are bonded onto the teeth and remain throughout the entire treatment time. The primary purpose of the orthodontic setup is to align the teeth into well-formed arches that match each other. In some instances, due to a size discrepancy between dental arches or due to a crowding of the teeth, two or four intact teeth, as well as all wisdom teeth might be considered for extraction. In the growing patient, the standard orthodontic appliances for palatal expansion may be advocated if the upper arch is too narrow.

Why do patients need braces?

The varied size and poor position of the jaws often results in an incorrect shape of the upper and lower dental arches. During the many years of use, the dental arches adapted to fit each other best resulting in an incorrect position.

During the orthodontic treatment, the dental arches are correctly aligned, consequently, the arches no longer match each other, which means that often the occlusion and the facial aesthetics become worse during this stage of treatment. In nearly all cases, orthodontic treatment is imperative since properly aligned dental arches are key for a stable and well-established postoperative result.

When the preoperative orthodontic setup is finished, the position of the jaws is registered with a face bow and the dental models are transferred to a special device called an articulator. A simulation of the operation, based on the specified plan, is performed and a special splint is produced and adjusted. This splint is used during the surgery and is essential for correct and precise jaw positioning.


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