When orthognathic treatment is finished, some patients may also need a plastic surgery.

For example, the advancement of upper jaw is associated with following soft tissue changes: advancement of the upper lip, upturning of the nasal tip, and widening of the nasal base. Patient with large hooked and narrow nose may benefit from this surgery, but patients with naturally small, snub and wide noses may additionally need plastic surgery to achieve satisfactory facial profile.

If a surgery of a lower jaw is planned, attention is always paid to the soft tissue of submental area. In rare cases of a lower jaw set-back surgery, the body of the jaw reduces in size and the double chin may occur. For this reason a plastic surgery for double chin may be needed.

These aesthetic declines may be avoided with careful and precise planning of the surgery. If undesirable changes are foreseen before the treatment they are discussed with the patient in detail and treatment plan may be modified in order to avoid risky jaw movements.

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