During the first consultation, the doctors evaluate the occlusion and facial features and take photographs and measurements of the face and teeth. The purpose of this meeting is to collect all the information that is needed to compile a treatment plan. During this short consultation, general information about the problem, as well as, the possible solutions are disclosed to the patient. The individual treatment plan is then prepared during the following 1 to 2 weeks.

Patients should bring the following items to the first consultation:

  1. Panoramic radiograph (OPTG);
  2. Lateral cephalogram (LC);
  3. Dental model casts.

* It is not necessary to bring in radiographs if there are X-Ray or CT machines in the doctor‘s office.

* Your orthodontist can produce your dental models from plaster. If you do not have an orthodontist yet, the models can be made by any other dentist.

Virtual consultation

For overseas patients a virtual consultation may save time. The initial consultation is done on the internet and then the treatment plan is presented to the patient on his first visit to the office.

For virtual consultation, patients should have a web camera and should have presented the following items in advance:

  1. Panoramic x-ray and lateral cephalogram by mail (digital image can be e-mailed);
  2. Dental model casts by mail (must be soft-packed and labelled ‘fragile’);
  3. The e-mail address and phone number of your orthodontist or dentist;
  4. Professional photographs taken by your orthodontist or dentist:
    • Facial front, teeth in occlusion, lips in repose;
    • Facial front, mouth slightly opened, lips in repose;
    • Facial front, wide natural smile;
    • Facial three quarters;
    • Occlusion, frontal view (with cheek retractors);
    • Occlusion, left view (with cheek retractors);
    • Occlusion, right view (with cheek retractors);
    • Upper dental arch (occlusal view through palatal mirror);
    • Lower dental arch (occlusal view through palatal mirror).            

The information should be sent to info@orthognathicsurgery.info

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