Orthognathic treatment takes about two years to complete. It is very specific and consists of several stages, one being orthognathic surgery. Once begun, it is seldom possible to reverse the orthognathic treatment or switch to non-surgical treatment, so it is strongly recommended that the original treatment plan be completed once begun. A patient who has decided to have an orthognathic treatment should understand that this surgery is a complex and time consuming process. Therefore, only a combination of the patient's cooperation and good-will, accompanied by the doctor's support, can meet the challenge of achieving correct occlusion and facial harmony.

The course of treatment

The treatment plan is prepared after the initial consultation. The treatment plan is a detailed explanation of the entire treatment process for each individual patient which then, every doctor involved in the treatment will follow. It is of vital importance that the patient makes a resolute decision about having orthognathic treatment, for once started, the treatment is extremely difficult to reverse.

At the beginning of the treatment, teeth are restored while, at the same time, useless teeth, as well as, the wisdom teeth are removed. Subsequently, once the orthodontic treatment is started it lasts for about 18 to 24 months. When the teeth are set, orthognathic surgery is performed on one or both jaws, followed then by the final orthodontic treatment which, in itself, lasts approximately 6 months.

Once the braces are removed, if necessary, select teeth may receive restorations or crowns, or, dental implants may be inserted and restored in edentulou areas. After all this is completed, the patient will enjoy and benefit from a stunning smile and pleasing facial features.

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