Distal bite, 25 year-old woman

25 year-old woman was complaining about her malocclusion. Facial and occlusal examination revealed the diagnosis of small lower jaw, distal bite and short lower third of the face. Dental arches had been accustomed to each other during years regardless of malposition of jaw bones. Front teeth were protruded. The patient was offered several treatment modalities: orthodontic camouflage after removal of two healthy upper premolars and moving upper front teeth back thus bringing in the risk of retrusion of upper lip and aesthetic facial decline. The second treatment option offered was orthognathic surgery - advancement of the lower jaw.

Before surgery


After surgery


The patient decided to go for the surgery. The orthodontic setup took 1,5 years to complete. During the preparation dental arches were properly aligned. After lower jaw advancement surgery facial profile straightened up and became less convex whereas lower third of the face increased and the occlusion was correct and stable.

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