How significant is the attractiveness and harmony of facial features in humans life? Is it only anatomy or is there something hidden under concave or convex features? Can the attractiveness of the face influence person‘s life?

Psychologists state that facial expression and posture reveal 80 percent of human character. Every one of us unintentionally judge people by their facial appearance, especially during the first contact. Facial stereotypes are particularly amplified via employment of heroes from TV shows, movies and cartoons, as their personal features are strengthened by utilizing their particular facial features. For example, baby-faced people, having large eyes, high eyebrows, high forehead, and little chin are judged as warm, honest, trustworthy, acquiescent, ingenuous and partially incompetent. Mature face people, with absolutely opposing facial features are considered to be strong, prevailing, aggressive and competent. Thus, having been introduced to a new person , you have already composed his/her first opinion about you even if you had not said a single word yet.

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