The attractive and unattractive features of facial profile were best analyzed in a study which was performed on the facial profile. The advantage of outline rather than real profile analysis is the elimination of perception of the facial attractiveness as well as of skin and eye colour, hairstyle and other areas of influence. Long time ago the hunt for an ideal shape of the face was started by the artists, anthropologists, surgeons and orthodontists from different countries, but neither of them could approach the undivided opinion. Convexity, lip projection and projection of teeth strongly differed in the estimation of ideal face. The cause might be the difference in perception of beauty and aesthetics in every culture.

Studies in which people evaluated facial profiles presented in photographs revealed that Europeans consider most attractive faces to be those with typical or slightly protruded jaws and bigger lip projection rather than faces with small and retruded jaws and concave lips. In general, facial profiles are considered as more attractive if they are straight for males and slightly convex for females. Least attractive are considered to be very convex faces with small chins. Lip protrusion is assumed to be the most important factor in assessment of male or female facial attractiveness. Concaved lips are rated negatively. In assessment of facial profile, lip projection may be determined by lip thickness, oval face and a small nose, therefore, the thicker are the lips and the smaller is the nose, the more protruded lips will appear. It may be well noticed in oval faces with poorly expressed chin point. Therefore, an oval face showing a small nose, slightly protruded lips and slightly expressed chin, today is considered as most attractive.

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